New York Day Five: 5th Avenue

new york city tiffany and co building flagship store architecture 5th avenue
Day 5 we went to the MOMA a commentary art museum (which is in the pervious post) and explored 5th Avenue. We first went through the Rockefeller Center which was so golden inside, I was surprised to see it was the same as the Empire State Building.


New York: MOMA

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night blue swirls sweeping expressive nature
While in New York we visited The Museum of Modern Art which had some amazing well known artists. With only a short visit we concentrated on the permeant levels.


New York Day Four: Bike Rides Around Central Park

new york city central park architecture  boats trees nature people
After a lot of sleep to recover from the previous day we headed to Central Park to ride some bikes around. I definitely recommend it as you get to loop around the whole park after about an hour on the bikes and most of it is downhill (if you go the right way around). We had a lot of fun gliding down the roads!


New York Day Three: Chelsea and The High Line

new york city high line beautiful green nature in city small buildings urban and rural
Day 3 we went to Chelsea and The High Line. The High Line is an old elevated train track which was been turned into a public walking garden. Some of the old train track is still there with flowers growing in-between them. It was a brilliant walk, we got to see lots of the city from up high.

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