Lindt Egg Hunt

Inspiration from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

It just so happened that the Lindt Easter egg hunt was in Birmingham on the same day. There were so many different designs and illustrations, i was spoil.  My practical favourites, were as follows. 

Rheannon Ormond – Butterfly Catchers

I admit that I was fond of this egg because it was so pretty. The illustrations of the butterflies

Ormond work consists of detailed illustrations in pen and ink, and experiments with printing and screen prints. As seen in her egg, she takes inspiration from the Victorian era and the turn of the 20th century, but also animals, nature, romance and dark narrative. With these she creates interesting tales with her illustrations.

Graham Crowley - Blue Lane

Inspiration from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

An idyllic countryside scene based on West Cork, Ireland, where the colours have been altered to reflect the area’s atmospheric light. A milky pale blue tone has been used as many of the houses were painted in brighter tones of the same colour, these contrast with the landscape and Crowley has almost brought them together.
Note that the rural scene has been contrasted with the modern TV aerials.

James O’Hanlon - Birmingham 2012

Inspiration from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Hanlon has created a bird’s eye view of Birmingham in a pure state by reducing it down to lines and perception and not experimenting with lighting.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

I went on a gallery visit to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for the Revealed exhibition, and the John Flazman and Timur Novikov exhibits at the Ikon Gallery. It was a really inspiring day!

I actually found the buildings themselves really inspiring, particularly the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The tiles on the floor and the wonderful archways and ceilings and beams were so detailed and crafted. I found that the colour palette wasn’t what I would expect from the outside of the building, mint green and peach was used on details over a white background. This was a contrast to the deep red and turquoise in a large round display room next door. A wonderful place to stay and seat, of course i had just come in from the cold weather and it was lovely cosy warm in there.



Tim Allen

Feature Film Showreel from Tim Allen on Vimeo.

We had the pleasure of getting a talk from Tim Allen at my university last week. He is a stop motion animator who has worked on a number of projects such as the feature length films: Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie and Fantastic Mr Fox (films that I've really enjoyed in the past), to commercial projects and TV animation. 


So- Me

Burtrand De Langeran or more commonly known by his tag name So-Me (from his interest in street art) is a graphic designer and animator. He is the art director of Ed Banger, where he directs most of the music videos, album artwork and t-shirts designs, even producing his own music and DJing. Allowing him to have even more of an understanding of the music he is designing for.



Kate Moross

Kate Moross is another hands on creative, her hand rendered type and experimentation with all sorts of materials is really inspiring.


Stefen Sagmeister

Stefen Sagmeister is a hands on creative, some of my favourite work is he's hand rendered type and the designs which show the physical process of making the design.

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