David Carson

David Carson started out as a professional surfer and with a sociology graduate, and turned a self-taught graphic designer. With no prior knowledge in design before he started it allowed him to freely break the rules without knowing. His work gives an emotional response from the design before a viewer can read it to get an understanding of the work. This means readers are focused to engage with the design, to work out what it means and get involved. He is exploring how the mind can understand information that isn’t complete and can fill in the blanks. Of course some readers won’t bother, is his work still as effective?



Saul Bass

Saul Bass made his name when he began making posters for the film industry which he would later go on to pioneer in making of title sequences, which would give the audience an idea of what the film would be about.  He became so know for this because he could take a whole film and visualise it in a simple well realised poster, sometimes with only one image, which could then become the films logo, something which wasn't happening before. Theses posters were made in the 50s and 60s yet they are still fresh today.

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