Danny Gregory

I’m really inspired by Gregory’s illustrations, especially because it’s just something he really enjoys doing, starting in his mid-thirties. He started out drawing his home, New York City, drawing everything from the buildings and people. I too would love to get the nerve up to seat and draw in public.

He works with ink, watercolours, markers and pencils, which really do complement each other beautifully. Tools which I have had some experience with, and really enjoy working with, watercolours can be really satisfying.

He has filled up to fifty books with illustrations, captions and annotations.

I love all the different sketchbooks filled with all the different places his travelled to, and that he would rather draw the new places his visits then take a photography of them, such a more personal way to capture the feel and moments of a place. It must be such fun to look through and see how different each place was.

Gregory has published a few books, about drawing and creativity (some I definitely have my eye on getting for myself). Some use illustrated journaling, ‘Everyday Matters’ shows how he learned to draw after his wife had a serious accident. ‘An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks Of Artists, Illustrators And Designers’ allowed his to meet with some of his favourite creative and discuss recording your life in drawings in a book.

For me, I love how buildings aren’t perfectly straight, they have a lean that any building draw free hand would have, I feel this gives them more character. Also the colours are always so true to what they should be and really bring out the feel of a place. Some of his annotations are also really interesting, giving the illustration a little more narration, and letting him keep his memories.

I think I need to see about getting myself a small sketchbook I can carry around to record any interesting moments or memories. And more drawing practice is always welcome.

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