Food Illustrations

I’ve been painting food illustrations, as I’m currently focusing on emailing cafes for design work/painted a-boards. As I often use pastels they add a bold whimsical feel to the food, I’ve always wondered how my style would reflect on different objects.


Illustrated Mugs & Notebooks

mug with a illustrated deer
illustrated notebook with a owl and flowers
For my Etsy shop I put my illustrations onto mugs and notebooks, it’s wonderful to see my designs on actual objects. They both came out so well, I even added patterns onto the inside of the notebooks!


Cambridge Art Fairs

art fair stall set up, illustrated products
Before Christmas I did a few art fairs in Cambridge. They were really fun, I loved preparing my table with decorations. I love handmade things so created a lot myself including a few hundred hand-written business cards, which took some time but turned out lovely. Getting feedback on my products straight away was great, I learnt a lot about what customers preferred and pricing. I’m really excited to do more this year!


Moving to Cambridge

illustratedlady drinking tea in cute apartment

Last October we moved to Cambridge, it’s such a beautiful city and I’m really loving cycling everywhere. It was also our first time moving out, so i’ve enjoyed decorating out little flat. This inspired an illustration as all i’ve been looking at are dreamy interiors.


Cherry Reds A-Boards

painted boards for a cafe with food illustrations
painted boards for a cafe with food illustrations

Last summer I painted two a-boards for Cherry Reds cafe in Birmingham. I really enjoyed painting in a much bigger scale than I usually do. The colours really popped and looked so fun on the street. I hope I get to do a few more of theses!


Delightful Lines Branding

delicate lined typography creating a logoillustrated animal mugsillustrated animal notebooks flat lay

While creating my online shop Delightful Lines, I had fun branding it myself. I enjoyed picking out a name and colours and creating a little logo. I even brought little extras like washi tape, ribbon and confetti for packaging and product photographs.

For the name I thought my illustrations were quite delicate and cute, so delightful worked perfectly, I added lines to refer to drawing. With the name it made the rest of the branding quite easy, delicate lines creating the type for the logo and coral worked well with my illustrations.

To see the full branding visit my shop!


Promo Postcards

gouache painted typography with bright colours
envelope with illustrated postcards

These are some postcards I’ve been sending out to publishers and art directors, using my recent painted illustrations of portraits and wildlife. I also really enjoyed hand drawing some typography to create an info side. I found some on-brand envelopes and spent time hand writing the addresses, they turned out lovely and I’ve had some really encouraging responses from them so far.


Ladies of Nature Illustrations

gouache illustration of a lady combined with nature and ram features
gouache illustration of a lady combined with nature and owl featuresgouache illustration of a lady combined with cat ears and a starry background
I’ve been busy creating another collection of personal illustrations, Ladies of Nature. Bringing together ladies and breathtaking wildlife and nature. I really wanted more practice with painting portraits and combining them wit animals created a wonderful combination. I used features from rams, owls, cats, snakes and deers. These will hopefully be making their way to my shop soon!

 To see the full collection check my portfolio!
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