Saul Bass

Saul Bass made his name when he began making posters for the film industry which he would later go on to pioneer in making of title sequences, which would give the audience an idea of what the film would be about.  He became so know for this because he could take a whole film and visualise it in a simple well realised poster, sometimes with only one image, which could then become the films logo, something which wasn't happening before. Theses posters were made in the 50s and 60s yet they are still fresh today.

Most of his type is hand rendered, letting it fit with the illustrations. He does break the rules with his type by using lower and upper case together this can allow the letters to fit together better. In ‘The Cardinal’ poster he has made the less important word the main visual on the piece by making it bigger and placing images in it, which actually makes the more relevant word stand out more.

He tends to use only two colours in his designs as he worked in prints, but the designs are by no means limited as he knows exactly where to place the second colour, to make them work together and highlight key areas of the design. He also knows how to use white spacing, making it fit the designs and type.

Bass has also designed well known logos, working in branding. These have a similar feel to the posters he can use his skills to create a minimalistic logo with represents the whole branding of the company.

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