The New Art Gallery Walsall, Damien Hirst

I visited The New Art Gallery Walsall, particularly for the Damien Hirst exhibition, who I've studied in past projects. It was brilliant to see his actual work in person.

The collection contained some iconic pieces, including Away from the Flock from his Natural History work. Which was sadly not a shark but a sheep preserved in a formaldehyde-filled container. Both a clinical and unsettling close look at death.

Monument to the Living and the Dead is a beautiful piece where butterflies seem to flutter across the picture, showing our fragile existence and life cycle. The white and black canvases show the closeness of life to death.

Another of Hirst's pieces including butterflies is The Kingdom of the Father. A piece with the wings of butterflies placed in geometric patterns, to resemble kaleidoscopes and stained glass windows. They remind me of the windows in the Notre Dame cathedral.

Another beautiful butterfly piece Believer, i love the subtle colours of this one.

Controlled Substances Key Painting is one of his many spot paintings. His first spot paintings were painted by hand but he soon made each spot more uniform, making them the same size and structured with grids. This piece includes letters and numbers to show the spots as cells with a format similar to the periodic table. His first spot paintings were simply created to show the joy of colour.

Please note, photographs taken from damienhirst.com

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