The Pompidou Gallery, Paris

To contrast the Louvre gallery I also visited the more contemporary Pompidou gallery, which we had much fun exploring.

The first thing I saw was a room of colour created by Yaacov Agam, which was covered by filters to change the view of each angle you looked at it. Some made the piece come more together, making the colours blend and make shapes. It gives a sense of kinetic movement from the overlapping colours.

An Andy Warhol piece which my bf took practical interest in, it was great to see his actual print showing how varying each image was.

A beautiful piece by Alighiero Boetti who created embroideries full of colours and shapes, which he tried to show ‘everything’ in. Varieties of objects taken from a number of sources are intersected together, to make up the things of the world.

An interesting piece by Claude Rutault, which looks like a normal exhibition room but is all painted over in red. Showing that how exhibitions are displayed is just as important as the work itself. He says of a few rules that the gallery should follow when displaying work such as the colour walls should match the painting, but expect for these rules the gallery should be giving a little freedom with displaying.

Allan Mccollum created frames out of a resin and then painted them roughly. This was to show the line between what should be in a gallery and what we consider to be art. That art doesn’t need to be on paper and it doesn’t even need an image, but as it still has a frame we still believe it to be art.

I fell in love with quite a few beautifully coloured pieces. Gerhard Richter makes paintings based on colour charts. The colours are ordered randomly, trying a new approach from his other work with an absence of composition and subjectivity.

Thonik is an awesome design team creating such inspiring pieces with beautiful typography and images. I have really been enjoying going through their website.

I also saw Kader Attia’s Ghost which I have studied before, it was even more impressive in person, as it really felt like it was a room filled with people. Although there was also something slight eerie about the room.

Finally Gerard Fromanger pieces which use keys and colours to show information about the different people, giving information about the piece without needing background research. It also gives an idea of how many different people were involved.

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