Third and Final Year

Posts might be a little spaced out at the moment because I'm back at uni for my third and final year, so at the moment it's designing and illustrating for my projects and writing my dissertation. It's a lot of work at the moment, but i'm really enjoying it.

Currently I'm rebranding Worcester Racecourse to shows it as unique summers day out and to reflect the different events it has to offer. I'm having lots of fun illustrating horses made out of different elements from the racecourse for different events. Should hopefully be getting these into the print room which I can't wait for, I haven't had a play in the print room since February!

My dissertation is The Value of Craft in Branding, I thankfully picked a topic I'm really interested in so I'm actually enjoying the researching and writing, there's just a lot to write each week.

As for posts they will still be going up as I've got quite a few backlogged from summer. And I've got some ideas floating around for when I have a moment to post! So do look back for more posts!

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