New York: Photographs Two

Here's the final photographs from New York City! In the next few weeks I have lots of posts ready with Disney World, London and more recently Bath. I'll also be showing off my designs from the first term of my final uni year, which I'm really pleased with.

new york city fire station building architecture
new york city street brown houses building architecture
new york city building architecture tree nature
 new york city central park lake boats
 new york city central park baseball
new york city sunset street
new york city architecture street pretty
new york city architecture central park tree view
new york city empire state building view skyline
new york city chrysler building top
new york city broadway the lion king outside sign
yellow taxis lines road nyc


  1. Your pictures really do the city justice! I never tire of seeing pics of NYC - thanks for sharing! (And I can't wait to see pictures of London and Bath - I just visited there this summer, and completely adored both!)
    By the way - I just found your blog and I'm loving it! (would love if you'd check out mine!)
    xx Sarah
    sarah kate style

    1. Thank you so much! I fell in love with New York! I'm actually editing my photos from Bath now, such a pretty place!
      Having a look right now, it also lovely so far!


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