Copenhagen, Denmark

I went on a two week long trip around Scandinavia, it was an absolutely incredible place. With lots of hiking, cycling, eating, fjords and cities. We started in Copenhagen, Denmark. An absolutely beautiful city, with open roads, colourfully painted buildings and hanging street lamps.

There are so many wonderful buildings, the Round Tower contains a slopped spiralled walkway with beautiful white curved walls and a wooden floor, the Church of Our Saviour has a spiralled staircase to the top which gets very narrow and slightly scary, with views over Copenhagen, and of course Nyhavn with all the pretty coloured buildings by a harbour.
We spent some time shopping in the wonderful design shops, I especially loved Hay, Illums Bolighus and DANSK.
There are lots of parks in the city, we had a lot of lovely walks around them. Also the canals are a lovely place to walk especially as the sun sets. We made use of the boat tours one evening which let us see much more of the city.

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