Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher was a British graphic designer. He founded the design firm Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, creating publications, such as the book ‘Graphic Design: A Visual Comparison’. He also worked with Pentagram in the 1970's. Fletcher along with many others set up the British Design and Art Direction (D&DA) to help raise the standards and profile of design.

He has worked on branding, with some of his logos still used today: ‘Victoria and Ablert Museum's’ logo elegantly combines the ‘&’ and ‘A’ together and ‘Institute of Director's’ logo was layered to create depth. Showing how timeless his work is as the logos still look as fresh and as modern today.

Fletcher uses his wit and curiosity to experiment with the media and create original ideas and designs. He wants to communicate visually to his audience, using a variety of different materials, such as images, illustration, collage and text.

There was an exhibition of his life’s work at the Design Museum in London, which had everything from black and white photographs of his history to huge prints, from school days, his working days and the designers he worked with. Interestingly, they found packages in his desk from his studio which held cut outs of each letter of the alphabet which he collected and used as inspiration, some can be found in his designs.

A book of his designs was published ‘Beware Wet Paint’ in 1994, he also wrote a few books himself about graphic design and visual thinking. I’m most interested in ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’, which took him 18 years to complete, he collected images, quotes, one liners and other scrapes which he then collaged together with visual designs. The designs made from the quotes and ones liners. He said it is ideal for visually curious people, people who look around and see possibilities, as he considers seeing to be the most important sense, as we think in pictures not words. It’s certainly a book i plan to add to my shelve, something to dip into for inspiration.

Lastly, a quote showing he really was enthusiastic about design.  'Design is not a thing you do. It's a way of life.'

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