Ross Jones - Exodus

Inspiration from the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry.

Art allows us to look at war from different viewpoints, either presenting an unusual image, changing the materials or changing the scale. Exodus shows a deserted village affected by the war, in an expanse of white space; the village is a small band showing that the scene is from a distance.

It invites us to look closer and see the careful pencil marks. A contrast as we don’t usually look closely at the images shown by the media. By seeing more detail it makes us ask what’s happened, as there are no people, giving us no narrative. We can see that the piece does look distance and empty giving a lost feel to the village.

It also shows us that art can create curiosity when it comes to war, encouraging people to see different details and look beyond what we think we see. The piece was also placed away from other pieces showing more conflict in the gallery, this allows symbols the war which is fought away from our everyday life’s, yet is still connected to us.

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