KennardPhillipps - Award#10

Inspiration from the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry.

KennardPhillipps are a collaboration who produces art in response to the invasion of Iraq. Their work is displayed in streets, galleries, the web, newspapers and magazines. They are also used in workshops to help people develop their own skills so they too can express their opinion in a visual way.

This print is from their ‘Award’ series, which expresses the disgust and fury towards the war against Iraq. It was digital created, using different material directly onto a scanner.

Medals and bandages were placed on a flatbed scanner which had dust and even blood threw onto them to show the killing and torture, grit and grime from the street outside their studio was used to represent the filthy war.

The prints became denser to show the full horror of the thousands of people being killed. As the prints became more detailed, influences of etching techniques came into the prints. Some prints had 20 layers, all different layers of materials which were brought together digital. The scanner was gritted, they even bled on it, they threw torn up rags, flags and ribbons on it, poured oil onto it, stamped into the materials and burnt them.

The result is a print which looks like it has actually been in battle itself, with dust, blood and dirt covering it. Also with how the ribbon has been ribbed it looks as if there is an explosion. By using the helicopter unlike the other prints in the series it gives this print a heroic feel, a hero going off to battle. The medal used also suggests success, but all this is covered by the look of destruction, as it the hero has been killed. It shows what war is really like: death, destruction and fighting.

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