The New Art Gallery Walsall

Along with Damien Hirst there were also lots of other inspiring pieces at The New Art Gallery.

 The building itself was a contrast to the older galleries I have been to, with much more straight angled walls. Along with square windows, one building was had the windows in a perfectly grid, while the windows inside with the shadows created frames for a view outside the window.

 Jet Stream Circus by Tod Hanson is a painted floor and wall based on Roman mosaics. The work explores our globalising industrial landscape. 

He has other even more beautiful pieces using the same vibrate colours and bold patterns, which remind me of the details in Alex Torchut’s work. The illustrations which cover the walls and floors enchant the scenes, while the installation creates a whole new world, creating new shapes from the original designs of the furniture and features of the room.

There were also lots of beautiful paintings and drawings. The drawings use interesting markings to create the shapes and details. While the painting I enjoyed had much more rushed and energetic brush strokes.

Including a drawing of the Notre Dame and Seine in Paris, which brought back memories.

There was some really inspiring typography from Bob and Roberta Smith’s Epstein Archive Gallery. This continues into their other work, which I’m having much interest looking through.

Kitty is an amazingly realistic piece by Andrew Tift, when I walked past this piece I first thought it was a photograph. Colours of greens, purples and reds are all added into the skin to make it more realistic, with really thin lines used to apply the details.


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