Wolverhampton Art Gallery

I visited the Wolverhampton Art Gallery a few weeks ago. My favourite work by far was the Ron Mueck exhibition. 

He created incredibly realistic sculptures of people. He plays with the scale and placement to create dramatic narratives. The sculptures were almost creepy due to just how real they looked. There was definitely a sorry to each person, because they were so real looking you could easily start imagining who they are, what relationships they have and where they are in life in that scene.

When walking to the gallery we saw some boards which had been painted with fantasy illustrations, which was a brilliant way to brighten up what would be a dull area. I practically liked the illustration with a boy watering flowers, where real flowers had been placed in front as if he was watering them.

There was a clever sculpture made out of coat hangers, where the wire had been bended into shape. With the curves of the hangers all hanging out of the sculpture it gave a glow to the sculpture.

And finally I loved the decorations in the gallery, such as the contrast with the old traditional wallpaper and details (such a pretty print) to the wide open space of this walkway to the more commentary displays.

Note photographs were taken on a phone.


  1. This place looks amazing!


  2. Great photos !:D
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