Graham Crowley - Blue Lane

Inspiration from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

An idyllic countryside scene based on West Cork, Ireland, where the colours have been altered to reflect the area’s atmospheric light. A milky pale blue tone has been used as many of the houses were painted in brighter tones of the same colour, these contrast with the landscape and Crowley has almost brought them together.
Note that the rural scene has been contrasted with the modern TV aerials.

At first I thought the pale colour was snow covering the scene, a beautiful winter scene with colourful houses to match. I was pleased to discover I was wrong and there was more behind the colours.
I think what drew me most to the piece was how beautifully the colour palette worked together.

After researching into Crowley’s other pieces, I found that running a theme in his landscape pieces is to saturate the colours to heighten the emotional character of the scene. He explores the West Coast of Ireland in all different moods, allowing each piece to have such a different feel.

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