Lindt Egg Hunt

Inspiration from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

It just so happened that the Lindt Easter egg hunt was in Birmingham on the same day. There were so many different designs and illustrations, i was spoil.  My practical favourites, were as follows. 

Rheannon Ormond – Butterfly Catchers

I admit that I was fond of this egg because it was so pretty. The illustrations of the butterflies

Ormond work consists of detailed illustrations in pen and ink, and experiments with printing and screen prints. As seen in her egg, she takes inspiration from the Victorian era and the turn of the 20th century, but also animals, nature, romance and dark narrative. With these she creates interesting tales with her illustrations.

Matthew Dent- A Thousand Forests

Dent is an illustration who works on art prints and other self-initiated projects. There is a use of colour and patterns which are kept simple and clean to allow the illustrations to stay fresh. He creates wonderful dream like worlds with personalities to the characters, creating a sense of fun and happiness.

John Biddle – Many of the Valleys Had Been Turned into Reservoirs

Biddle egg has a feel of Australian artwork, he used bright vivid colours, each animal is made up of small sections of detailed patterns.

His other work is very similar to his egg, using patterns and colours to create unique animals. You can see his influences by stories of science fiction writers.

He works from a studio in his seaside cottage, where he grows vegetables, making music and drawing things.

Other Egg Designs
Jessica May Underwood - Untitled, Leah Harrison - O is for Ovum, Lindsey Spinks - Eggs in the City.

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