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Burtrand De Langeran or more commonly known by his tag name So-Me (from his interest in street art) is a graphic designer and animator. He is the art director of Ed Banger, where he directs most of the music videos, album artwork and t-shirts designs, even producing his own music and DJing. Allowing him to have even more of an understanding of the music he is designing for.

He gets inspiration from 'the street energy of hip hop, rock's explosion and the hypnotic compression of techno music' but is definitely not limited to these.
The label works mostly with electronic and saturated music, which has become its trademark.
The album covers for Ed Banger vary for each artists and type of music they work on, but they all have a similar So-Me feel as he designs them all. He creates relevant and worthwhile albums that people actually want to own because they are made so beautifully.

He creates different type styles with his hand rendered type. There is wonderful control of visual heritage, making it comfortable to look though each word. The artists of the record have also been added into the illustrations, in a playing card or with words incorporated into them.

‘Portraits’ is an exhibition he created of serial portraits of Busy P showing him in different personals and settings. The pieces are full of So Me’s trademark style of vibrant colours and tongue-in-cheek references.

So-Me created the music video for D.A.N.C.E by Justice by animating still images. He created loads of t-shirt designs which could then interact with each other and create movement, which works so well as it’s telling a story. The t-shirts were then sold on ebay after.  This shows the power of his bold imagery and type, by creating a living style.

This video changed his once static print designs of his album covers into moving living pieces with the use of stop motion and animation. With the added use of smooth audio mixing the video really portrays the music as lively and fun and represents So-Me’s style.

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