Kate Moross

Kate Moross is another hands on creative, her hand rendered type and experimentation with all sorts of materials is really inspiring.

Kate Moross created posters for small gigs until she was commissioned by Fallon UK to create an advertising campaign for Cadbury for her hand render type. With the boost from a big client she could create more personal work, including clothes lines and setting up her own record label. She also works for other clients including Google, Nike, Converse, Adidas and Nokia.  Much was new to Moross, but she never lets that limit her and will learn anything she wants to do. Moross also trades, swap and shares her work with other creatives, to get a wider area for inspiration.

Moross uses geometric shapes and diverse typography to create intricate designs. She uses consistent colour pallets which contrast together allowing the piece to have an overall impact, she isn’t afraid to use colour in her work. Her work looks overall collaged together, letting type follows around shapes. Her contrast between 2D and 3D hand rendered type gives the work a sense of depth. And the different sizes of text allow some to stand out. At first the design can seem over-whelming with the high volume of pattern and colour, but they are cleverly broken down by outlines on type and shapes.


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