Stefen Sagmeister

Stefen Sagmeister is a hands on creative, some of my favourite work is he's hand rendered type and the designs which show the physical process of making the design.

Every 7 years he takes a year off to do work that inspires him and that he wants to do. He created type out of all sorts of objects, using his own quotes in a series titled ‘things i have learnt in my life so far’. He literally puts his worldviews into his work, with both what he sees and thinks. These personal projects will then feed into his other work as he experiments, gets influenced and inspired. As seen in Sagmeister hand render type designs, from a Lou Reed poster where the lyrics from a personal song are written on his face to the AIZONE campaign where the typography was actually created out of hair, power and light rather than using editing software of brushes.

Sagmeister has shown in designs the process of making that design. A abode poster for student awards has created out of 2500 paper coffee cups to show the pure caffeine many design students run on. The cups were filled to different levels to create shades and shapes, as it happened the paper cups would melt after having the coffee in them for so long, so they were pushed against time. Also the photography that had to be 30ft high to get the picture was actually scared of highs. I think the hidden stories really do come to life in this design, as the finished product wasn’t left as the final piece, but it shows the process of someone filling the cups.
A poster for Levis also shows a process, as Sagmeister took the jeans apart thread by thread and then reformed them into a poster, showing what the jeans are actually made off, customers can really believe the strapline ‘This is a pair of Levis, sewed with the strongest thread’.

To add Sagmeister had created flexible open ended logos. For the Seed Media group he created a logo based on a phyllotaxis which fits perfectly into what Seed Media is all about. The logo can then be changed depending on what medium it is used on.

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